8 Things I’m Interested In

This is a part of the 10 Day Challenge List, and it’s time to list stuff I’m interested in. I’ll make this quick and easy:

Day 3: Write 8 things or hobbies you’re interested in
  1. Gaming (X-box, PC)
  2. Photography
  3. Creative writing
  4. Cooking
  5. Literature & Linguistics
  6. Crafting (jewellery, scrapbooking, cards)
  7. SciFi & Fantasy
  8. Shoes

10 Day Challenge List

(I found this list in a Swedish version at Anna’s)

2 Replies to “8 Things I’m Interested In”

    1. Hehe, thanks! What’s a girl to do? I had to choose between shoes and a few other things, to few points!

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