Bloody Monday Butterfly Effect

I think Mondays are a never ending Butterfly Effect. Once upon a time in China a butterfly had a really bad Monday, and now it’s spreading around the world in waves, making every Monday in every country a bit crappy. Stupid butterflies.

A weekly recap to cheer myself up

In the papers:
I got interviewed by Anders Mildner a while ago, about the photo boom that is currently going on. The article is in Swedish, and can be found in the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan. Funny thing is that he used a few of my pics, one of them of Sixxten, my cat. He is now an important celebrity in the Swedish cat community. Meow!

Random fun thing that happened:
I was taking a picture of a building in town and a man I never met before runs up to me and starts talking about taking photos. He asks me to take a picture of him and his girlfriend and send to him.

Third book in Kelby’s series about digital photography. Still loads of good tips. I’m stil reading the crappy Swedish translation, but  it feels like the short texts on each page contain more of the good stuff and less of the fluff.

We saw The King’s Speech. I don’t regret it. Behind that image of Mr Darcy, Colin Firth is very talented and does not always have to rely on that charm of his. I liked the footage as well. Very clever, very conflict oriented. Gave me some ideas.

Listening to:
The Postal Service. Happy blippy bloppy music. Just what I need.

Misantropic Fuel
Boys say: We have no hand sanitizer in our bathroom
Girls say: Not to worry, there are more in the cupboard
Boys say: Oh! Great!
*Boys steal the hand sanitizer from the girls bathroom instead*
*Girls get new hand sanitizer for their bathroom from the cupboard*