10 Things About Me

This is a part of the 10 Day Challenge List that I said I’d do the other day, and now when I sit down and look over the list it feels a bit daunting, especially as I read over the later points in the list.  It feels a bit self-centred, and that makes me feel very self-concious and embarrassed.  I guess that’s why it’s called a challenge… Here goes, the first point of the list :

Day 1: Write 10 Things About Yourself
  1. I love playing computer- and video games. Pong and my C64 were my first loves. Sometimes when I look back and think about how much time I’ve spent gaming all through my life I feel a bit uneasy, but I refuse to feel guilty. Everyone wastes their time on something.

  2. I dream in sequels. I have some reoccurring dreams that have been going on for several years; it’s like watching different episodes of a show on TV.

  3. I am obsessively organised when it comes to sorting certain particular things: Computer files, photos, my writing, pens, books, papers, kitchen utensils. The rest of my stuff is all a big mess.
  4. I was extremely shy as a kid. Then I became overly social and un-shy and obtrusive. Nowadays I am social but reserved.

  5. I never get bored. True story. There are too many fun projects to do. Give me a pen and paper, or internet connection, or a book, or even a window with a pretty view and a cup of tea for that matter and I’ll sit quietly in a corner for hour and not bother you.

  6. I have dyscalculia. I look at maths problems and it’s like I can’t even see what it says on the page. I also have no number memory what so ever. If I look at a paper with four numbers on it I usually forget them as soon as I stop looking at the paper. This has caused some kerfuffle concerning the code to the laundry room.

  7. I have never tried drugs and I never will. Unless you count that one time when someone slipped something into my drink. My big brother once taught me to only buy beer in a bottle when in a crowded club, and always keep my thumb over the bottle opening. It’s a good lesson.

  8. I like to write; short stories, longish stories, poetry, whatever. It’s all too easy to find some substance for a story everyday and everywhere. I you find me staring at you on the subway I’m probably making up a gruesome story about your life.

  9. I just love STORIES, in books, in movies, in games, on TV. Whenever I get the smallest inkling of a connection with any character or the slightest insight in its head and thoughts I’m hooked. Even the most simplistic stories can have mini-meta-story in them that can be interesting.

  10. The first book I ever picked out in a library was “Where the Wild Things Are”, I was 6 and I made a third grader read it out loud to me. When I watched the movie a while ago I got really gloomy. Spike Jonze really brought out the heartbreak in that story.

10 Day Challenge List

  • Day 1: Write 10 things about yourself
  • Day 2: Write 9 things you would like to do in your life
  • Day 3: Write 8 things or hobbies you’re interested in
  • Day 4: Write 7 things you are scared of
  • Day 5: Write 6 things you dream about
  • Day 6: Write 5 things you do every day
  • Day 7: Write 4 memories you will never forget
  • Day 8: Write 3 things that annoys you
  • Day 9: Write 2 things you wish you could do
  • Day 10: Write about 1 person that means a lot to you

(I found this list in a Swedish version at Anna’s)

I love playing computer- and video games. Sometimes when I look back and think about how much time I’ve spent gaming all through my life I feel a bit uneasy, but I refuse to feel guilty. Everyone wastes their time on something.

2 Replies to “10 Things About Me”

  1. Wow, your list is so pretty! (I actually tried to make it pretty with a few pictures of the numbers but no.) But this is… a work of art! Totally love it!

    And very nice to learn these things about you! I think it’s totally wild that you dream in sequels! How awesome is that?! As awesome as you are, that’s what. 🙂 *hugs!*

    1. Aaaw, thank you! I’m getting back to pottering about with photoshop again, it’s fun! Ties in well with all the photos I’ve been taking lately 😀

      The sequel dreams ARE pretty awesome! Some of them only “air” again every two years or so, others are more frequent =) It’s just funny that I sort of realise in the beginning of the dream that “Oh, this is the sequal to that thing I dreamt last year”. Freaky, but fun =)

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