Gyoza Night

We eat out way to often, but we like the nom noms! Gyoza are very easy to make yourself, especially if you buy the ready made gyoza dough. I only had wonton dough in the freezer though, hence the strange shapes. But still as tasty! Strangely, the cat broke and fell over on the floor while we ate.

2 Replies to “Gyoza Night”

  1. Suddenly: Cat! made me laugh. ^^ Also, Sixxten has the most freakish eyes that I’ve ever seen on a cat. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to offend him, but he looks so shocked, all the time. XD 😀

  2. *L* No worries, they DO get a bit intense. It’s the breed, they have very round eyes, it looks like he’s constantly surprised or giving you a long, hard stare. It get kind of funny sometimes when he just sits and looks at you. Which happens all the time!

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