10 Day Challenge List

As previously stated I like lists, I like things to be checked off and organised. Those are the serious IRL lists, I suppose, but of course there are those you just do for fun as well. I found this one at Anna’s blog, and this is how it goes:

10 Day Challenge List

  • Day 1: Write 10 things about yourself
  • Day 2: Write 9 things you would like to do in your life
  • Day 3: Write 8 things or hobbies you’re interested in
  • Day 4: Write 7 things you are scared of
  • Day 5: Write 6 things you dream about
  • Day 6: Write 5 things you do every day
  • Day 7: Write 4 memories you will never forget
  • Day 8: Write 3 things that annoys you
  • Day 9: Write 2 things you wish you could do
  • Day 10: Write about 1 person that means a lot to you

Mind you I translated it from Swedish, so the connotation might not be entirely on the spot (original list at Anna’s). Anyway, I thought it sounded like fun, so I’ll give it a go.

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