Postcard from dear old Stockholm

When I visited Skansen in December (a zoo in Stockholm with Nordic wild animals and Swedish native breeds) I took a really boring shot of my home town. The sky was dreary and grey because of the constant snowing, the view was a bit too familiar and all in all, it wasn’t very interesting. But I didn’t delete it for some reason, I sort of liked it anyway, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I realised it reminded me of some of those old post cards from 1920’s, so I decided to try and manipulate the photo a little. So this is my take of it, but there just happens to be some tall modern buildings in the background, otherwise it’s pretty much what it looked like all those years ago. In the foreground on the left you can see the Nordic Museum.

So, greetings from dear old Stockholm! Please come visit and don’t slip on all the ice.

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