This week could not have been over any quicker. TGIF and all that. So much turbulence this week, the work load at my job has been so high and scattered my brain is boiling. Plus a crazy amount of drama; people seem to be in a bad mood and there are silly intrigues and backstabbing that really is just unsuitable in the work place. Plus, completely pointless. It’s like peeing in your own bath water. It spreads out, but it affects you as well. I try to keep my head down and get on with my work. I better things to do, after all.

Meanwhile there are a lot of people leaving, and it was time to order more cakes. “How many should we order?”, asks the responsible cake-ordering individual. “How about eight!”, we all say, for a laugh, because a few weeks ago there were three people from three different departments who all quit at the same time, and in the end all the cakes ended up down in our tiny kitchen, eight of them, and there were was cake for days. But then today eight boxes of cake turn up! Suddenly it all got very serious. It was Cake Eating time.

There were many unopened boxes of cake in the kitchen for a long time. It felt completely Schrödinger / Portal: What did the cakes look like? Were there even cake in the boxes? We wouldn’t know until we opened them. There might just be dead cake! Who knows? The cake is a lie!


Schrodinger Cake is delicious.

2 Things I Wish I could Do

This is a part of the 10 Day Challenge List,  which is almost over, and this is about two things I wish I could do.

This is an incredibly wide subject. Well, they have all been like that, but this one feels tricky. Do I go for the childhood-like dreams like “fly” or “go to the moon” (who wouldn’t wish they could do that?) or things that has always been personally unattainable, the things that will never be? I could risk to indulge a bit in being emo and go for the delicate mistakes, or the “I wish I could believe I could do anything well”, or “I wish I could trust people”, but hell, that’s been done, and it feels a bit to depressing. I guess I’ll just wing it. As usual. (… “I wish I could write something with a purpose”?).

Day 9: Write 2 things you wish you could do
  1. I wish I could play the piano flawlessly. I love music; I’ve played many instruments and have been singing all my life. Music has an ability to let you feel a bit lost from the world and all its troubles for a while. It’s easy to immerse yourself in. It connects. Being able to sit by a piano and just play a piece and almost forgetting it’s actually my own fingers dancing over the keys is one of the greatest feelings, and I regret having lost that ability.
  2. I wish I could make a living from doing something creative. I feel it’s not enough having hobbies. I want more.


10 Day Challenge List

Enough is Enough

We’ve had snow since November. They all said it would melt away before x-mas, but it never did. We Have Had Snow Since November. For four months now, there has been one set of colours. Sunny days or cloudy (Mostly cloudy. A thick, thick layer of clouds until the middle of February), the world has been greyish blue and white. Sometimes it’s incredibly beautiful, but in the long run it gets very tiring.

And there are only so many pretty, snowy city landscapes you can photograph before you get a bit bored and wish that the ice would break and some nuance of green to show.

I am done with winter now. So far I’ve had two serious colds, and the flue, and slipped on ice and twisted my back. I’ve been crammed into trains and buses full of smelly, big-and-fluffy-winter-coat wearing people who also all have a cold or the flue. At one point someone threw up on the bus. I’ve been PUSHED OFF the bus two times because someone thought there was no room. Everyone is grumpy and cold, and you almost never see daylight. It’s so cold all the time that the body powers down completely, preserving energy, so you always feel tired and gloomy. Plus, the body thinks you should put more fat on to keep warm and healthy, so you are Always Hungry.

No. I’m done with winter.

Luckily we have vacation planned. Seven weeks to go, then I’ll be in a place With No Snow. I can hardly imagine it. A place with no snow.

What gives you the impulse?

As I’ve started learning my camera and have taken more pictures, my mind is more in picture mode ever day. I see more things I want to take photographs of, I see more things I find interesting in different ways, but I can’t always say why. What triggers that impulse to lift the camera and take a shot? Light, situation, contrast, patterns? Looks like my hard drive will soon be filled up with mundane photos that aren’t interesting to anyone else than me. But that’s why I do it, I suppose. I take the photos because I like them and the act itself fills me with childish joy. I take them for me. It makes me happy.

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Wow, thanks! *deletes spam*

Steamy Greenhouses

Me, Malin and her friend Anders went on a little day trip to the Butterfly House in Stockholm. I’d just like to start with saying that I DID get some shots in the end, but this was way too funny not to write about, so I’ll do this post first.

You know when you have one of those days when you simply are not centred or focused enough to hardly even say a proper sentence? Everything just goes a bit wonky. This was one of these days.

I’m just glad I didn’t forget my camera. Observe:

I take the tube and the commute train from one end of the town to the other, to meet up with Malin and Anders. I get off at the wrong station. Not to early, two stations to late. And I call Malin, and ask here they are, and well, they are in another part of town. So I take the train back, two stops.

We arrive at the destination about an hour later than planned. It’s -10 Celsius,  but we all bring out our cameras and start taking pictures of the houses and landscapes around the green houses. I’m so distracted by the surroundings that I walk right into Malin as she is taking a picture and almost make her fall over. Doh.

Well, we enter the greenhouses; they have built a tiny simulated rain forest for the butterflies to live in. Our cameras, of course, steam up like crazy. This is how it looked for about 40 minutes:

Dooooh, we can't see anything!

It took quite some time before the lenses cleared up. I started to think I wouldn’t get one shot that day that didn’t look like this:

Very soft and romantic focus.

Free awesome effect when bring you camera in from freezing winter to the fake Amazon jungle. Not that I plan on keeping to keep many of the first, say, 100 photos, but I guess one could always tweak them in Photoshop or Lightroom. How about this fish tail? Maybe make it black and white? Maybe make it a bit lomotastic?

Well. That was that. I’ll do a post with some of the less steamy (Oh la la) pictures later on 🙂

3 Things That Annoys Me

This is a part of the 10 Day Challenge List, and this is the list with things that annoys me. Gee, only three things?

Day 8: Write 3 things that annoys you
  1. Asshats that don’t recognise that people around them are actual people, not puppet and pawns in that asshats’s life. Examples: The train is full of people going to work, and the asshat (Der Asshatten in German) punches his or her way through the crowd, shoving their bag in everyone else’s head or pushing their shoulders, because, what does other people matter? Or the sort of asshats that expects you to drop everything and just focus on them and help them out with THEIR life, and then gets angry when it turns out you actually have a life of your own. “I’ve decided you have to do this for me on Thuesday.” “Can’t, I have other plans that day.” “What?! Really?! Hmpf.”

  2. Repetitions. Seriously, life is too short. If you have a favourite anecdote you always tell everybody, all the time, and you have told me SEVERAL TIMES, please keep track of that. Or is it just hard to remember that you had this conversation with me 10 times before? At least have the courtesy to say “Stop me if you’ve heard this before” and then stop when I say I have.

  3. People that ALWAYS have to be right. About the fricking smallest most inane things. Pointing out obvious mistakes and making it into a “I know better than you” issue. You win, ok? I don’t really CARE about the correct way to describe something I really have no interest in. Some things simply don’t matter that much, it’s just ordinary effing conversation; let’s keep that going instead of ending up in some loop about the accurate percentage of the ingredients in mayonnaise. And DON’T, for the love of everything, bring it up one year later when you have googled the right answer. And, sometimes it’s actually me that’s right. Don’t spend a year trying to undermine me by trying to find obscure and weak counter-arguments.

10 Day Challenge List

(I found this list in a Swedish version at Anna’s)

Photo Theme #65: Horror

This is a part of the 100 Themes project (read more about it in this post), and this theme happened to coincide beautifully with this weeks theme on Fotosöndag (a Swedish group on Flickr). Here is my take on:

You Wont Take Me Alive


I didn’t want to go for the horror film genre, with blood and guts and the like (although one day I will get the props and take some gruesome photos, that would be fun), so instead I opted for the emotion of horror.

I wanted a sterile, desaturated background, with the pose of the women and the red shoes in focus. Is she trying to crawl in to the oven, or is she being sucked in?


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