In Search of Photos and Bunkers

My father has always taken a lot of photos. He stopped for a couple of years when he felt that all he did was to photograph the same motifs over and over. The last couple of years though he’s found his way back to it, and even took an evening class to get the hang of his new camera. I’m proud of my dad, and I feel very lucky that we have this common interest. It’s something that makes me really happy.

Just like me he likes to have his pictures and files in neat order, and he started a never ending project to scan some of the old negatives. I got all his photos on an external hard drive and it’s been pretty amazing and funny to go through them all, seeing pictures I never even knew was taken, pictures from when I was a kid that I’ve never even seen.

We went on road trips a lot for our vacations, and I have probably seen a lot more of Sweden than I can possibly remember. However we also drove down to Denmark, I think more than once. We went with my friend Richard and his family, I went to pre-school with him when I was six.

It’s hard to estimate when this trip took place, but if I should guess, I’d date it to 1986. There are pictures of me in an amusement park, from the same trip, watching a Swedish pop group perform a song with which they’d just won the Swedish Melody Festival, and this was the summer after that competition.

I was seven, and one of my sharpest memories from this trip is when we went to the beach to look at bunkers. They were huge and some of them had toppled over and I got to climb around in them! It was awesome and I felt like I was a character in an adventure book.

I of course have no recollection of where this was, but conveniently someone spray painted one of the bunkers with the name of the location; Kolding. But what on EARTH am I wearing? I look like a pinkish-red smurfette!

Funny thing is, 24 years later I find myself hunting for bunkers again. Maybe this is a hobby of mine; maybe it’s just been latent. I know I felt just about as excited as I did when I was seven. And I got to climb around in it. And obviously red is my bunker-hunter colour.

Photo by Jed, September 2010

2 Replies to “In Search of Photos and Bunkers”

  1. Vilken fantastisk skatt att gå igenom!
    Fantastiskt också att få dela bilderna och intresset med en förälder, det är nog många som övertar sådant i arv, när det är för sent att prata och berätta om bilderna och minnena.

  2. Ja så känns det, en riktig skatt! Jag hoppas han ids med att skanna lite fler bilder, det finns en hel del diabilder som jag förstått det! Finns många fina bilder med skärgårdsliv för 30-40 år sen, det väldigt kul att se. Och bilder på hela släkten genom årtiondena med allt från permanentat hår till stora glasögon!

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