Bloody Monday Recap

It’s bloody Monday again and as usual the weekend was at least one day too short, I hardly had time to enjoy the daylight. Right now it’s still dark when I go to work and dark when I go home, but in just 2 weeks at least there will be a bit of light in the horizon at 7:30 am, and it’s almost silly how much I’m looking forward to that. I need light to wake up. In other words, I don’t wake up properly during the darkest months because I don’t get any daylight. That’s life working in a bunker for ya.

I was going to post a neat chart on the daylight hours in Stockholm through the year, but then realised that maybe few people would find that as interesting as I do…

So, here’s a bloody recap of general stuff that’s been going on:

Very little time for gaming last week, I think I logged on to EQ2 once to check my sales! I want to play Dragonage again and also have a bundle of games I need to finish on the X-box, I haven’t even opened my copy of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. But, Jed finally started playing New Vegas and that looks awesome. Seems to be a game that sucks you in with a lot of details. Many scorpions have been shot. I love the pet bot, E-de. Reminds me of playing my fixer in Anarchy Online.

Still have two eps left of Genious of Photography, I want to see them NOOW. But I don’t know when I’ll have time next. Am scouring the net for good little vids about photography. Any tips?

I saw one! “Due Date” with Robert Downey Jr. So much better than I expected, not at all as cliché as you’d think a road movie would be. Worth it.

Listening to:
“Tears and Laughter” by Tall Tree 6ft Man.
And some Colin Hay and Muse and Amanda Palmer.

Misantropic topic:
People who try to give you a problem to solve but they don’t really know what the problem is, they just don’t want to deal with it. Deal with it!

Searching for Cartier-Bresson’s “The Decisive moment” and found a copy on Amazon for 800 DOLLARS. Yeah… not getting that one. Wonder if I can find it as an e-book. Just started part two in the Scott Kelby series about digital photography. Looking forward to more tips about travel photos and portraits. Talked to my dad about the books last week and we discussed actually doing little assignments. I need to start mailing my dad more.

Bad conscience:
I need to start mailing my dad more. I have loads of photos to show him!

Crafty things:
Went on my silver clay course last week and made a wicked pendant that I love. It really was right down my alley. Bit scary working with such an expensive material though. But the end result was very shiny and satisfying. I will definitely start investing in that hobby, but first I want to get some traveling done this spring.

Things I want to do soon-ish:
Try a couple of new recipes. Take some nice photos of the things I cooked. Sort my old photos (I have paper copies form the age of 8 and onwards, yay…).