Stockholm Central Station

Last Monday I made myself a promise to bring my camera with me one day, take it outside the apartment and actually take some photos. It”s hard sometimes to find the motivation during the darkest winter months, when you work through all the daylight hours. There is always the couch and the X-box and the cat and the warm blankets waiting at home after all. Well, I did what I said I’d do, and decided to spend an hour at the Central Station in Stockholm after work. It’s a beautiful building, and 200 000 people pass through it every day, so I thought that I would get at least one photo.

These were all taken with my Canon 400d with the 50mm 1,8 lens… and no tripod *sigh*. This is a part of the ceiling in the main waiting hall, which I took mainly because I love it so much:

0,8 sec at f/8,0 ISO 200

People were running about being stressed, so I decided to disregard the poor lighting and try to get some ghostly effects with a long shutter speed. The funny thing is that a lot of the people ceased to exist entirely. In all of the photos below there a lot more people there, but they are barely visible. It was like some of the people were fading away, forgotten. It felt oddly suitable.

1,0 sec at f/8,0 ISO 200

1,0 sec at f/8,0 ISO 200

10 sec at f/14 ISO 200

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