Pink Snot

Cat, I has one. The cat has a favourite toy, and that is a nifty laser pointer, in the shape of a rat. Not that the cat cares, he only cares about catching the red dot. It’s jolly exercise, when he gets too tired and frustrated he falls over in a heap on the floor and growls. And takes a nap, as cats do.

Of course any light source is something to experiment with when you take photos, and here’s one picture from a little experiment that Jed and I did. I’ve proudly named the project “Pink Snot”.

4 Replies to “Pink Snot”

    1. Hehe, pure cat nip, duuuuudeeeeee! 😀 My cat hasn’t gotten his fix in a while, maybeit’s time!

      (You know you can grow cat nip in the garden, right? hehehe…. )

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