Bloody Monday

It’s Monday, I’m officially well again after being home with the plague for a week. Unofficially I’m still far from well; lungs hurt, I cough, I sneeze, I limp, I breathe (ha that almost rhymed). I think that I am one of the main sponsors of our local chemist (see evidence below). But I’m out of the house and working again, and that feels great.

In the Stockholm region all the snow has started to melt. We’ve had a LOT of snow. This now means that every street is basically made of melting ice, with a top layer of icy water. It’s a death trap that will weed out the week. I did NOT fall on my way to work. This is a triumph. I’m making a note here: huge success.

It’s a bloody Monday like any other and I like to cheer myself up with a bit of a list/update about what’s going on, to  prove to myself that yes, I have a life and yes, I’m doing stuff (might be hard, considering I couldn’t leave my apartment for a week).

Listening to:
Amanda Palmer’s “Map of Tasmania”. To quote: “OH – MY – GAWD” *rocks out!*

BBC’s “Genious of Photography” series. Six episodes (one hour a pop) about the history of photography with some of the most important images and movements, from the birth of photography and forward. It’s awesome (and you can find it all on Youtube).

Crafty plans:
Taking a basic course in silver clay tomorrow (yay!). I am SO glad I’m feeling well enough now, if I couldn’t go my heart would’ve been broken.

Me & Digital Rebel:
I have a lot of ideas for things to shoot. With my camera. I feel I need to plan and be a bit more structured so that I actually follow through. Because I need to practice, dammit! So, make a plan and set a date…  Other than my Grand Evil Plans I want to practice panning, so I need to fins something that runs around a lot. Cats, boyfriends, friend’s dogs, drunk midgets (i.e. kids), all suggestions welcome. I think I need to get outside and find stuff, really. Trains? Cars? (Boring?).

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5 Replies to “Bloody Monday”

  1. Huge success indeed! I didn’t fall either, though it’s been a slippery slope the past week. O_o Scary. Glad you’re feeling better, finally!

    We should get cake for not falling. 😉

  2. Guess what? We have been watching “Genius of Photography”, too. Only one hour left now. I laughed when I read this post since my first thought was that you had read about the series on my blog, but then I realised in fact not written about it. And I don’t remember where I read about it myself… but I am very impressed that it can all be viewed online, on YouTube. I like BBC. 🙂

    1. Hahaha, I keep saying we’re in sync! 😀

      I’m half way through it now, I’m really enjoying it, I think it’s very interesting to see the history of cameras and technique and photography in the context of world history, it’s very tangible.

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