Trying my new zoom

Jeds parents visited over x-mas and of course we had to take a tour around Skansen. The weather was great; loads of snow and light, and it besides the fact that I haven’t been there in many years now, I’ve actually never been there during winter before. All the old houses looked really beautiful under the thick white blanket, and looked even more rustic then usual. It wasn’t hard to imagine the life of a 18th century Swedish farmer after trudging around in the snow and then going in to one of the houses and warming yourself by the fire place.

We all had our cameras with us of course, and I have no idea how many pictures we all shot between us, but I wont spam the blog too much at once, so I’d thought I’d start with my absolute favourites: The Baltic Grey Seals.

We were lucky to time the feeding and the daily talk about the Grey Seal, during which of course there is a big hoopla, because everyone wants the tasty fishies! It’s so much fun to watch, these creatures are so intelligent.

I was trying out the new zoom I got from Jed for x-mas, and it is awesome! I’ve never gotten this close before (not counting my cat of course, whom is hard to miss, since he likes the camera and attention so much), and it’s nice to come home with photos of the actual animal instead of loads of background with something blurry in the middle.

So here are some of the shots I liked:

4 Replies to “Trying my new zoom”

  1. Hee, seals!

    I really like all of these, there’s something extra special about that last one… 😀

    I love that you’re showing off your photography skillz like this, keep it up.

    1. “Hee, seals!” *love*

      I know, right?! He’s a bit: “Yo, dude, what am i doing here? What are YOU doing here?”

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