Well, Monday, we meet again

I’m pretty sure it’s a mass-psychoses of some sort, I mean, it’s just a regular day like all the rest. But Mondays royally suck, and it sucks for almost everybody. Even if you have a couple of good Mondays in a row, the next time something crappy happens on a Monday, we shrug and whine and say: “Bloody Monday!”. It’s easy to put the blame on the Monday. Maybe it’s just how we project, maybe we just MAKE Mondays bad all on our own accord, but in the end: Mondays, especially the mornings, are dreadful.

Probably this is it: If you constantly find yourself looking forward to Monday mornings you are either incredibly lucky to love your life and what you do through and through, or you are slightly mad.

This was my Monday morning: I wake up after having slept about two hours. The other hours I spent coughing my lungs out, and trying not to puke. I finally get comfortable at about 6.30 am but then of course it’s time to get up for work. I pop a couple of aspirins in hope of getting rid of my fever. I begin what is a 40 minute journey with tube and bus to work, trying not to get shoved around by people who just HAVE to lean on me to make a point. I get it. The tube is full. We ALL get it. Pushing me around will not make it less full. Asshat! On top of this all the frikkin’ snow has started to melt but then froze again, making all the sidewalks into a Death on Ice show. I slip around and twist my back and am now walking like the Wicked Witch with arthritis. At work I take two more aspirins, but the fever won’t go down. The inbox is crammed with issues that will take a lot more energy than I have today, and I’m feeling more and more nauseous. Good start, Monday, good start. Thanks.

Frikkin’ Monday Madness. Trying to cheer myself up with some happy thoughts and good plans and structure:

Gaming, PC:
Well they extended the x-mas event in Everquest2, fortunately. I had some odds and ends left I wanted to do but never got the opportunity when they crashed the entire thing during the last patch. So I put a couple of hours in this weekend and got the gear I wanted for some of my characters. I still can’t help playing that game, even though they keep changing it in a direction that’s not really for me. We’ll see what happens after the expansion comes out in February. After the big hoopla when they opened up the forums for the closed beta by mistake, some info leaked out that didn’t particularly please the player base. But it just feels so hard to abandon my toons after playing them for the best of six years. *sniff*

I also would like to play through “Dragon Age: Origins” again, I never did all the downloadable content, and the sequel is due very soon.

Gaming, X-box:
More or less finished Fable III but have a lot of achievements I want to get, still. Also would like to have a Halo marathon and play through all the games. On top of that I need to finish “Assassin’s Creed II” so I can pop my copy of “Brotherhood” in. I think my X-box needs it. It craves it.

The Music Situation:
I found my old and battered MP3-player with a 6-12 months old playlist on it. It’s like a tiny time capsule, really. Loads of Psapp, Muse and Three Days Grace. Also found myself listening to Analog Pussy again. Good when writing.

Fuel for my misanthropic attitude:
People that treat all the people around them as dummies and pawns. Don’t shove me. Seriously.

Reading right now:
“The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Book”, Martin Evening. It’s heavy. And I mean literally. My wrists hurt.

Well, that was my 5 minutes of whining for the day. May the force be with you.

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  1. Wow, really? Working with a fever? :/ Doesn’t sound all that good.
    Mondays can be really awful, I guess I’m lucky to be free off work every other Monday.

  2. @Lania: Nice, having some Mondays off helps! I used to have one Monday off per month before I got my new gig at work =)

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