“Hey, I have a crazy idea, why don’t we…”

What can be a better project than when your friend makes a dress and wants it photographed, and you want to attempt to take some portraits? A very good match, I think, since I need the practice. Sara made this very cool dress in white and grey, and since we have these heaps of snow in Sweden right now, we decided to take the photos outside (yes, she’s a viking).

We had a day off from work so we met for tea to warm up first, and then went for a walk through the park to find some good spots. It was very cloudy, but I thought that would be a good thing, with no sharp shadows and all that. Of course, the second we set our feet outside the door, an actual snowstorm breaks out (Seriously, trains derailed, cars drove off the roads, people could not get home to their families). I had to wrap my camera in a kitchen towel. Sara had ice running down her face. And then she had to take her coat off for the shots. Ahem.

I have to say that it was sort of hard to concentrate when wet, icy snow was blowing straight in my face and my best friend was standing without her coat on in a veritable blizzard. But here are some of the shots:

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  1. Hey, that looks like fun! 🙂 But a bit chilly, I guess, and quite a challenge – for both of you. I find the images inspiring – they make me think about what can/could possibly be done in a set up like that. I am now imagining a photographic expedition of sorts – a whole team of us amateurs working together, trying out different ideas. Too bad it has stopped snowing. :/

    Anyway, it’s probably time to start making the best of winter instead of trying to ignore it, i.e. get out and create images whenever the light outside is on.

    I very much like the snow flakes being so visible in the first image. 🙂

    1. @ Mia: I know, right! I was thinking the same thing when looking at all the slopes and icy trees and piles of snow: “We could use an entire team, think of the photos we could take”. I like that thought, Mia*, a photographic expedition! (With cool expedition outfits, of course!). Expeditions don’t always have to be done in the Arctic’s, after all 🙂

      I know for me I need a lot of motivation to even step out the door this time of year, but once you do it it’s so worth it. That said I have to admit it took both me and Sara several hours to get dry and warm again…

  2. Åhhh!

    Alla bilderna är jättefina, och klänningen är jättefin. Min favvo är den tredje. Den skulle jag kunna hänga upp på en vägg hemma hos mig.

    Fortsätt lägga upp bilder, det är jätteroligt att se!

    1. @Sara: Tack Sara! *glad*
      Visst är klänningen cool, är så himla imponerad, jag kan ju inte sy alls själv!

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