Monday Madness

First Monday of the year. X-mas is over, guys, it’s time to clean out all the tinsel and glitter and crap. In Sweden there’s a tradition to do this on the 13th of January, but I always figure, why wait? The party is over. Bring out the new year.

Mondays always sucks, this according to a treasured, worldwide tradition, and so the first Monday in a new year must suck more than usual, right? After (hopefully) having had a couple of days off, eating too much good food and drunk too much good wine, and slouching off with your lover man, you get back to work. The fridge is full of rotting food that the shift workers left behind after the holidays. You inbox is crammed with frickin’ emails from whiny people who can’t think or act for themselves. All your co-workers are equally pissed off that it’s the frickin’ first Monday of the new year.

Well, now is the time to go to your happy place. If you don’t have a happy place, go zen on your own ass. There are situations and people that you can’t change, and that’s ok. It’s not the end of the world. You will not die. After work, go home, have a glass of wine and just don’t think about the idiots. I don’t have better any advice than that.

When I walk into the icy wall that is the dark and arctic January of both bones and soul (gee…) what I do to get some peace of mind is to plan and organize. Even if I don’t follow through, I still like to have a plan, I make lists about everything. Photo projects I want to do, food I want to cook, games I want to play. I even plan how to level up my characters in Everquest2 (I wish I could plan my own career as efficiently). It’s sort of like making a hundred new year’s resolutions that you don’t intend to keep, but if you get one of them right that’s still something. I just like a bit of structure, even if I don’t follow it.

So here’s a sort of mashed up Monday Madness update/plan:

Game of the moment: Everquest 2
My ongoing vice since 6 years back. Sure, I have tried a lot of other MMORPG’s, but I always come back to this one. Right now I’m trying to get as much X-mas gear as possible for my toons before the event runt out on the 6th of January. Also, I have been crafting like a mad woman, since itäs been double XP for a couple of days. Grind grind grind!

Music to my ears:
All of Robyn’s Body Talk albums, and boyfriend’s made up songs about my cat and our car rides.

Fuel for my misanthropic attitude:
People who walks out right in front of cars when there are so much snow that the cars can hardly break in time.

Reading right now: The Digital Photography Book (part 1) by Scott Kelby
X-mas gifts from my mum and dad.

It is rather well known by now, and a little bit like Photography for dummies: easy and quick to read, simple language, simple explanations. Basically it’s a whole bunch of good tricks and techniques that professional photographers use. Some things feels very obvious but some of them have been quite helpful. What I like besides the good tips on composition and light, is the fact that he mentions (often expensive) equipment that could really help you out and why, but also brings up really affordable alternatives. Plus, he’s ironic and funny.

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  1. Hey, you forgot to mention that the Swedish translation of the Kelby book sucks! 🙂 I wrote about it on my blog, Digital fotografi: bra bok, dålig översättning. Or are you reading the English version? Your text says one thing, the image another. 😀 I made the mistake of buying the Swedish one and hated it. I’m still considering buying the English version. Too. Even though it seems stupid to buy the same book(s) twice… we’ll see.

    1. Oh yeah, the Swedish translation is HOOORRIBLE, but one gets the gist of it, I think. I try to translate it back in my head 😉

      I really agree with you about how some things confirms what one has found out through experimenting, which always feels nice of course. Also the info on the F stops made it a bit more clear!

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