First attempt at HDR

I have seen Jed do it brilliantly and wanted to try for the longest time, but it’s been a bit scary. So many people are so good at this after all, and I’m just little ol’ me. I’ve taken some shots with different exposures and I’ve even opened the software (in this case Photomatrix) but then changed my mind.

Anyway, this is my first try, and it is over the top and could have been processed with much more skill, but I had to try sometime, right? This picture was taken in Tewkesbury in September 2010.

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  1. A very good first attempt, no worse than any of mine! In fact I think I took the exact same picture two years ago:

    I would try increasing the Highlight Smoothing to about 50 and the Micro Smoothing to about 10. That’ll stop the white parts of the image looking so muddy and shadowy and get rid of some of the bloom. It’ll also take some of the noise out.

    I’d save it as a 16-bit TIFF from Photomatix and bring it into Lightroom to fiddle with the rest.

    1. We always end up taking the same shots… we’re going to end up with a lifetime of duplicates!

  2. The irony is that we take the same shots but 2 years apart. I didn’t even know you existed when that photo was taken! 😀

    1. Neither did I, or that you lived just up the hill… still we take the shot in Tewkesbury, England 😉

  3. Wow, vilken fin bild! Vattnet och himlen ser verkligen… awesome ut. Overkligt, på nåt vänster. CG. You know! 😀 Duktig du är. 🙂

    1. Tack! *glad* Ja normalt sett skulle ju bara antingen eller vara i fokus, men tack vare tre olika exponeringar som lagts ihop får man med det gottaste av allt, det blir rätt coolt 🙂

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