Winter is coming

First snow has fallen in Stockholm. It’s OCTOBER! It feels to soon, but lovely, it started getting really muddy and grey and boring, so snow is very hopeful. Yes, I remember last year; it was so cold I thought I would never get warm again, the end of winter seemed so far away, but I also met Jed, and life got brighter and warmer and more hopeful by default.

My apartment is getting colder every day, the cat is starting to preserve warmth (well, he found a new spot in the bed from which he scarcely move,  and it seems more cosy than any other place in the apartment, and it’s on my side, just by my pillow, so I have to carefully crawl into bed from the other side of the bed every  night, so I don’t disturbe the cat…).

I am making christmas cards. And I am planning christmas gifts. I just don’t want to be doing all that last minute again, this year. If I could wish for something it would be a really long, relaxed, heartfelt December and a nice and calm christmas with lot’s of joy and good little pressies for my family. It’s all about planning, peeps!

4 Replies to “Winter is coming”

  1. Jättefint foto! Älskar ju blått. ^^
    Ville bara säga att jag lagt till dig i min blogroll. 🙂
    Kul med julkort också! Måste börja planera julen lite.

    1. Tack! Jag har en katt som gillar uppmärksamhet 😉 Woo, jag står på en blogroll! \o/ Tack för det med!

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