How to make your girlfriend hot for you

I’ve lived in my apartment for a couple of years now, but other than the re-modelling from then I bought the place nothing much else has happened. No new hooks in the bathroom or kitchen, no new shelves, no improved storage. And I’m a girl. I love good storage. You know how it is…

But Jed is not only my hot geeky boyfriend, he is also very practical, crafty and handy. “I will build you shelves”, he said, and then he did. I’m working 12-hours shifts this weekend, and yesterday  I received this pic on my phone:

Also, my cat was apparently helping out:

For a girl hat has had no decent storage in years this is a pretty big deal! I have had my shoe boxes in a pile in the bedroom, for goodness sake! MY SHOES!

So, Jed kept at it today, transforming my wardrobes into something usable, and I’m soon off from work, can’t wait to see what he’s done. He’s building up my expectations though… Several texts during the day have told me things are AWESOME:

Jed: “Best shelf ever!”

Me: “Can’t wait to see it!”

Jed: “I’m so gonna get some tonight :)”

Me: “Darn tooting right!”

Jed: “I got all your shoe boxes in with room to spare.”

He knows he’s getting lucky 😉 And he knows why!

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