Very late spring cleaning

Gosh I have a lot of crap. I don’t know how many bags I’ve taken to the charity shop. But I’m glad they’ll be used for something else than stewing in my basement or apartment. I really thought I’d gotten rid of some of the junk I’ve found, but this is rinse and repeat I guess. I doubt I’ll ever be done. Today I found another box of sheet music, a mix of viola- and choir music, some of the papers were from when I was 12. I know, I could date them, thanks to all the doodles and horse names on the pages.

Yes, I have apparently kept every piece of sheet music I’ve ever sung in a choir or in school or in church or played on any instrument, be it piano, electric organ, flute, violin, viola, guitar, cello, ukulele, or the fucking triangle. But I’m getting rid of them now. Repent! Repent, I say! Out, thee evil junk beasties! Rawr!

Meanwhile, under all the debris that comes from hoisting shit around and trying to sort and organise, I can actually see a bit of surface or possibly something that in the end will feel a bit more homey. Who knows… Sixxten seems pleased, in any case. He’s been helping me, by ripping things apart so I have to toss them anyway. Also, he’s gotten an upgrade at his dinner table, a tiny look-a-like that Jed’s mother made. I tried to take a canded picture of him eating, but he is to sneaky.