Welcome to Reach

The night before me and Jed went on vacation he gave me a gift. A very special gift, with extra special on top. They’d just released it in Sweden, and it was the limited edition, and it ROCKS, and I have been waiting for it forever and hardly didn’t think I’d have a chance to get my hands on the game, really, for a while.So I tried to forget about it and not talk about it.

So Jed surprised me and won the “Best Boyfriend of the Year” award 😉 And then we went on our vacation, without my X-box or my flat screen TV. They just wouldn’t fit in the bags! Outrageous! And then we came home and I had to WORK and fix stuff at home!

But yesterday we cracked the seal. And it was epic. And I will play it for a long long time. Goodbye world.