Autumnal bliss

It’s autumn! For real! Pretty leafs everywhere, cool crisp air, windy days, vast numbers of cups of tea (or pints of beer in a cosy pub with my boo and friends) and loads of in-door projects just waiting to get done. It makes me feel like turning on Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”, boost the volume and venture out with my crafty tools and DO stuff!

Maybe I should craft a Valkyrie outfit. I would look awesome…

It’s a bit of an overload now, the ideas keep comin’ and I don’t get things done because I can’t focus on one thing at the time. Plus of course, there is the thing with the thing and the job that I have to go to every day that sort of messes up my spare time 😉 Anyway, I try to write things down, and cross some off now and then, which brings me to a couple of pics I took the other day.

Jed bought me a couple of magazines on photography at the airport, and one of them presented this really simple idea: Do you want to take some nice photos of leafs, really close, and get all the detail? Tape them to a window. Wait for some good light. Take the pic. Done.

Simple and fun! So here are some of mine:

4 Replies to “Autumnal bliss”

  1. I suppose a lightbox would have the same effect but I think the natural light and texture for the outside world behind it makes it nicer. 🙂

    1. Wunderboy: The possiblities with a lightbox seems endless, really. When do we build one? =)

  2. Loving the first picture of an autumn leaf! 😀 I looks so crisp…
    (Also, thanks for having me on your blogroll. :))

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