Winter is coming

First snow has fallen in Stockholm. It’s OCTOBER! It feels to soon, but lovely, it started getting really muddy and grey and boring, so snow is very hopeful. Yes, I remember last year; it was so cold I thought I would never get warm again, the end of winter seemed so far away, but I also met Jed, and life got brighter and warmer and more hopeful by default.

My apartment is getting colder every day, the cat is starting to preserve warmth (well, he found a new spot in the bed from which he scarcely move,  and it seems more cosy than any other place in the apartment, and it’s on my side, just by my pillow, so I have to carefully crawl into bed from the other side of the bed every  night, so I don’t disturbe the cat…).

I am making christmas cards. And I am planning christmas gifts. I just don’t want to be doing all that last minute again, this year. If I could wish for something it would be a really long, relaxed, heartfelt December and a nice and calm christmas with lot’s of joy and good little pressies for my family. It’s all about planning, peeps!

How to make your girlfriend hot for you

I’ve lived in my apartment for a couple of years now, but other than the re-modelling from then I bought the place nothing much else has happened. No new hooks in the bathroom or kitchen, no new shelves, no improved storage. And I’m a girl. I love good storage. You know how it is…

But Jed is not only my hot geeky boyfriend, he is also very practical, crafty and handy. “I will build you shelves”, he said, and then he did. I’m working 12-hours shifts this weekend, and yesterday  I received this pic on my phone:

Also, my cat was apparently helping out:

For a girl hat has had no decent storage in years this is a pretty big deal! I have had my shoe boxes in a pile in the bedroom, for goodness sake! MY SHOES!

So, Jed kept at it today, transforming my wardrobes into something usable, and I’m soon off from work, can’t wait to see what he’s done. He’s building up my expectations though… Several texts during the day have told me things are AWESOME:

Jed: “Best shelf ever!”

Me: “Can’t wait to see it!”

Jed: “I’m so gonna get some tonight :)”

Me: “Darn tooting right!”

Jed: “I got all your shoe boxes in with room to spare.”

He knows he’s getting lucky 😉 And he knows why!

Very late spring cleaning

Gosh I have a lot of crap. I don’t know how many bags I’ve taken to the charity shop. But I’m glad they’ll be used for something else than stewing in my basement or apartment. I really thought I’d gotten rid of some of the junk I’ve found, but this is rinse and repeat I guess. I doubt I’ll ever be done. Today I found another box of sheet music, a mix of viola- and choir music, some of the papers were from when I was 12. I know, I could date them, thanks to all the doodles and horse names on the pages.

Yes, I have apparently kept every piece of sheet music I’ve ever sung in a choir or in school or in church or played on any instrument, be it piano, electric organ, flute, violin, viola, guitar, cello, ukulele, or the fucking triangle. But I’m getting rid of them now. Repent! Repent, I say! Out, thee evil junk beasties! Rawr!

Meanwhile, under all the debris that comes from hoisting shit around and trying to sort and organise, I can actually see a bit of surface or possibly something that in the end will feel a bit more homey. Who knows… Sixxten seems pleased, in any case. He’s been helping me, by ripping things apart so I have to toss them anyway. Also, he’s gotten an upgrade at his dinner table, a tiny look-a-like that Jed’s mother made. I tried to take a canded picture of him eating, but he is to sneaky.

Welcome to Reach

The night before me and Jed went on vacation he gave me a gift. A very special gift, with extra special on top. They’d just released it in Sweden, and it was the limited edition, and it ROCKS, and I have been waiting for it forever and hardly didn’t think I’d have a chance to get my hands on the game, really, for a while.So I tried to forget about it and not talk about it.

So Jed surprised me and won the “Best Boyfriend of the Year” award 😉 And then we went on our vacation, without my X-box or my flat screen TV. They just wouldn’t fit in the bags! Outrageous! And then we came home and I had to WORK and fix stuff at home!

But yesterday we cracked the seal. And it was epic. And I will play it for a long long time. Goodbye world.

Autumnal bliss

It’s autumn! For real! Pretty leafs everywhere, cool crisp air, windy days, vast numbers of cups of tea (or pints of beer in a cosy pub with my boo and friends) and loads of in-door projects just waiting to get done. It makes me feel like turning on Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”, boost the volume and venture out with my crafty tools and DO stuff!

Maybe I should craft a Valkyrie outfit. I would look awesome…

It’s a bit of an overload now, the ideas keep comin’ and I don’t get things done because I can’t focus on one thing at the time. Plus of course, there is the thing with the thing and the job that I have to go to every day that sort of messes up my spare time 😉 Anyway, I try to write things down, and cross some off now and then, which brings me to a couple of pics I took the other day.

Jed bought me a couple of magazines on photography at the airport, and one of them presented this really simple idea: Do you want to take some nice photos of leafs, really close, and get all the detail? Tape them to a window. Wait for some good light. Take the pic. Done.

Simple and fun! So here are some of mine: