I completely missed the International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Because I totally forgot. Since I was on an awesome holiday in Scotland! Yeah baby! I found a pirate in a monkey bar though:

Typical pirate in a Scottish monkey pub

I had one of the most memorable vacations of my life, and I took loads of photos. I will post some of them as soon as I can find some time and peace and quiet. Right now it feels like I have hardly had any time at HOME since I got home from Scotland, and that my apartment is mostly a place to unload a lot of crap in. It is such a mess, with suitcases and backpacks and shopping bags, as well as some furniture and boxes from my parents attic.

My mum and dad has sold the old house, at last. I grew up in that house from the age of 4, and moved out when I was 19. We celebrated about 25 Christmases in that house. I will miss it a great deal. But I am very happy for my folks, that old house was way to big and my mum was sick of running up and down all those stairs. Now they have a nice and roomy apartment with a fantastic view over Stockholm.

So now I have to figure out what to do with all my childhood crap. Is the classic My Little Ponies worth anything today? 😉

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  1. Maybe the ponies or other toys are worth something to my kids? If you feel like it…

    Happy for your folks, even if I’m gonna miss that house too. Some nice memories from that place!

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