Destiny of Velious, part II: Effing Flying Mounts, dude!

“Flying Mounts – Soar high above Norrath and explore EQII like never before”

I wish I could have been at the SOE Fan Faire when they showed the trailer for the Destiny of Velious expansion. At first the camera fly over beautiful new zones, and then at the very end, the last few seconds, there is a character on a griffon. A flying mount. I mean, COME ON, that is so squee worthy! If I’d been there I would so have been screaming like the girl gamer I am.

Come ON! Look at it!

Screenie squeefully stolen from the official vid. K'thanks. *hide*


Flying mounts is of course one of the most important features in the new expansion. Now;

Some people who don’t play these kinds of games might say: “What are you on about, girlie?”

Some people who HAVE been playing this specific game might say: “Are you daft? We’ve been flying on griffons since launch in 2004 and proud of it!”

Some people who have been playing other MMO’s (I wont mention wich) might say: “Noob, we’ve had that for ages, biatch”

To the first group I say: Start playing! We could quest together and earn nifty trinkets and fame and glory! Also, about that flying mount, imagine your favourite animal, stick a pair of wings on it and then imagine yourself flying high above the green hills of Narnia or the Shire or whatever beautiful fantasy landscape. Wouldn’t THAT be cool! (or disturbing… it depends…) I’m on the Antonia Bayle server. Come join me.

To the second category, all my fellow EverQuestII veterans: yes, we started out with griffons in Antonica, Commonlands, Thundering Steppes and Nek Forest (remember when we helped build the stations?). In-zone mounts that took you from point A to B, if you asked the griffon trainer politely (and did the eggy quest). It was quite a big deal back at launch actually, being able to fly over half the zone, seeing the landscape beneath you. But no control over the route. After a while they made it possible to jump off the griffy in-flight (and fall to your death, unless you weren’t an awesome ratonga ranger like my Agatha). But basically flying between pre-designated spots.

Just imagine being able to have your own flying mount (I shall hug him and kiss him and call him George), being able to explore all the continents from above, go places you’ve never been able to go before. I get slightly nostalgic, I remember what that felt like in Anarchy Online back in the day. It changes the game.

And to the third and last group of people still playing the bubblegum and bunny game: yes yes. Good for you. The epic flying mounts are in fact epic. That was the only thing I thought was better with that game, back when I played it. With this expansion that goes away.


So, the first real flying mount in EQ2 will be a quested mount (it is  going to be hysterical, hundreds of characters doing the same quest at the same time! It’s going to be like a party). Now, there are some debates on the forums about whether or not they will make some of the current mounts able to fly as well, e.g. the Flying Carpets. It would make sense, no? (They look cool, the flying carpets, but they not so much fly as they hover a couple of inches above the ground). However, there are so many flying carpets and magic discs and thunder clouds whatnot floating around in the game (ha! floating around!) that, if you would instantly make them into flying mounts over night, that would really take the magic away.

This is a game-changing feature. It should be a magic and engaging live event. An epic quest. For an epic mount.