Destiny of Velious

This is going to be a long-ass post about EverQuest II and the coming expansion. I am just way to excited and need to get it all off my chest. If gaming is not your thing, please ignore this post 😉

SOE had their Fan Faire at last and announced the next Everquest II expac, “Destiny of Velious” (they also mentioned EQNext as well, but that is a different post entirely). It’ll be released in February 2011.They have promised a full goodie bag; hundreds of new quests (oh Everquest II, my Evercrack!),  new instanced dungeons and raid instances, new PvP battlegrounds, one massive contested dungeon, and flying mounts (Holy crap, Batman!). See press release here.

There are of course various places to see the video from Fan Faire, and other then the clip below *(points* Look! Click! Watch!) this interview with EverQuest II Executive Producer David Georgeson on is worth a look.

Of course I am all over this. I can’t wait, I want it now. Naaaa-oooowh! I wish they could have released it in November, as most of the expansions. It happens to correlate with my birthday, and it’s sort of a tradition for me to take a week off from work and just game (best B-day pressie ever, from me, to me, k’thanks).

Ok, a few points and thoughts:

It is more or less confirmed that the Othmir will be back (since they are native race of Velious, according to lore), but only as NPC’s, not as playable race. The Othmirs were fodder you farmed in the old game, but even though people  were beating them into a bloody pulp on a regular basis, the forums is filling up with players begging SOE to make them playable (in fact the begging have gone on for a couple of years now, long before the announcement of this expansion) I don’t blame them, I want it too!

Blurry screenie from fuzzy photo of slide show: concept art of Othmirs in EQ2
Othmir shaman from EQ1
Also, very important issue: EQ2 Zam predicts snow bunnies will make a comeback. Can I has one?

I remember when the Froglok race became a playable race in EQ2, back in 2005. They had been NPC’s in the game since launch, jumping around in Castleview Hamlet, offering to sell you stuff and mend your gear, but now you actually got the chance to play one yourself! But first the race had to be unlocked server wide, and it was a long chain of clues and quests that ended up in a big epic raid.  Of course the competition between the guilds to be first on their server was hardcore. It was a great game-changing Live Event.

Of course my fluffy gamer heart is nursing a hope that this will be the case with the Othmir as well. There is always hope. But so far this is what the developers say in the forums:

I’m sure there will be an illusion for Othmir. Making them playable is a huge amount of work. Getting new armor sets working for such a distinct body shape is an enormous task. The animation set for a playable character is in the 500 -1000 range while an NPC only has a max of 86 animations. (ttobey)


Adding in armor sets for such a uniquely shaped character also adds a lot of future work for a modeler too. It’s not like they can build a set of armor for a humanoid character and plop it onto an othmir. After hearing all this Othmir love, I will be giving him a few more animations to make the illusions work a little better.  (ttobey)

Of course there is a point. Even getting armour sets that look different and unique for humanoids have taken a couple of years. Sure, they made it work for the frogloks, but that skeleton has been a part of the game, and the plans, since launch. Every “special case” will make every new set of armour longer to get into the game.

So, even if I can’t have a sneaky othmir assassin I will at least be able to get the illusion of one. Which opens up a whole other cookie jar of questions: Will the illusion scale? Will the existing Totem of the Otter transform you? Or will the illusion be quested? Or will it be a potion you buy or craft?

Wow. This is a long post. I had one or two more things I was going to add. I guess I’ll have to write a sequel 😉