Die, Billy, die!

I really wish I could sew. Then I would make this doll. And then I would hide under my friend Tricks bed and scare the living crap out of her. I know she’s appreciate it. After a while.

Picture pinched from Queenladybug0525.

Billy has been the subject of a lot of grief, anger, frustration, hate… I remember when the Nektulos Forest zone was a bit more populated and you would hear people randomly screaming: ”I HATE BILLY!” a couple of times a day. Now, almost 6 years after the release of the game, it is something of a battle cry, and you can always scream this in any chat channel. You will always get a couple of people screaming it with you for sympathy.

This is a haiku written by Spindle from the Antonia Bayle server:

How I hate Billy
Now he comes in a plushie
I want one now too

More people have made Billy dolls, like Morianne of Maren Maria Bears, and she even made him a girlfriend:

Billy, creepy doll extraordinarie


And for those who are not familiar with the magic moppet Billy, this is the guy… Damn I hate that little bugger!

Die, Billy, die!