Last year my friend Linus gave me an extra screen he had stuffed away in his basement, an offer a dual-boxer like me could not possibly pass up. Of course it took me ages to even get to a point to set it up properly, but I built a new computer not long ago, and Jed helped me out a lot, so here I am, with two screens on my tiny desk, and I am NOT going back. Ever.  I am telling you, people, this is the shit. I don’t know why it took me so long. I guess sometimes you need someone to boss you around a bit and give you a shove in the right direction.

I have the two screens connected to my new computer, but the secondary one is also connected to my old computer. So I can dual-box with both game accounts on one computer or on two separate ones. Or I can craft with one account on one while I harvest on the other. I dunno, I have loads of fuzzy plans. It’s all good.

Problem is my old computer sounds like an old tractor, compared to my new one (my new one is quiet like a ninja!), so it’s not all that tempting even turning it on. I’ll end up buying a gaming lap top, I just know it.

"Hellooooo Sneakish!" "Helloes helloes, Aniara!" *paws waving*

2 Replies to “Dual-boxing”

  1. Maybe you should point out that you’re not actually dual boxing in that picture and that your super Ninja quiet system is running two copies of EQ2 on two separate screens at the same time! OMGBBQ!

    1. Yesh, I have a super Ninja quiet computer (seriously, I can’t even hear it’s on) and I’m running my two accounts on the same machine. And it’s not getting noisy, or over-heated, or anything! Rawr!

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