"Found Objects"

Through Terry Pratchett’s Twitterfeed I found Michael Marshall Smiths blog and this:

I like things that sit on the border between chosen and random, where at least part of their appeal comes from the non-aesthetic of happenstance and utility, roughened by time. The colour and look of old urban buildings, of abandoned homesteads in the American West, of tumbledown farmhouses in rural France. Objects stacked in a back alley. The pattern of rust on old locks and doorways. The semi-random position of chairs outside a café after a long day of use, placed to support conversations that are no longer taking place, and which the participants may already have forgotten.

It’s just a nice and comfy feeling when you found someone who puts into writing exactly what you’ve been thinking about. I like what he writes. So he’s on my blogroll now. That’s all I wanted to say 🙂